Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Prayaas

Four years!! Four years of togetherness!! Four years of spreading joy!! Four years of teaching the children dream!! Four years of Prayaas!!

On 5th september 2010, prayaas evening pathshala turned four. The four years have been quiet eventful with lessons, experiences and above all memories for every single person associated with it in one form or other. Be it the volunteers or the children or anyone who has been a part of Prayaas or supported it. The eventful journey which started as the brainchild of few dynamic young people, has today reached a stage where we claim that two batches have passed out and as we put it, the children have helped themselves to learn and achieve functional literacy.

The celebrations for the fourth anniversary of Prayaas became more special with the presence of the founder, Mr. Puneet Vijay. The guest list included esteemed faculty members of IIITA family, volunteers of Prayaas pathshala and the children who are the heart of Prayaas. The celebrations began with giving some chllenging and fun tongue twisters to the faculty members including Dr. Nitesh Purohit, Dr. Rajat Singh Mr. Mithilesh Mishra and Mr. Yogesh Kardam. This made sure that both the children and faculty members were equally having fun. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony and invited Dr. Sudip Sanyal had the first bite of the three storey cake.

The performances by both volunteers and children were about to start now. The entertainment was kick-started by the group song sung by the students of Prayaas Pathshala. The song left everyone amazed by the talent of these children possessed. This was followed by a fantabulous group dance performance by the children of Prayaas. The group dance had exemplerary co-ordination and won hearts and loud applauses. Now it was the volunteers who had to display some acting skills. The group play had the theme of opposing child marriage. This was followed by dance performance by Pratibha and song by Anju, both volunteers from B.Tech 2009. Then came the event that changed the course of the evening. It was time for the group dance performance by the B.Tech 2009 batch volunteers who were accompanied by the founder too.

After all the entertainment, it was time for some guidance by the faculty members of IIITA family and the ones who had supported Prayaas through it's journey so far. Mrs. Padma was called on stage for the certificate distribution. This marked the passing out of the second outgoing batch of Prayaas. This was a moment of great joy for everyone part of the Prayaas family. She concluded the certificate distribution with a sweet and motivating speech. Now it was chance for Dr. US Tiwary to give his speech which everyone enjoyed to the core. He ended the speech with a song which cheered and uplifted all moods.

Now it was time for the children to get a generous serving of snacks which everyone seemed to be enjoying.

Now Prayaas Pathshala is four years young to enter it's fifth year :)

***** :) *****