Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Prayaas celebrated its fourth birthday this year. Besides adding to the victorious years of boosting children and paving way for them to forge ahead it has always ensured all the other aspects which count for over all growing of the children. What else matters more than the health of kids?? So a medical camp was organised on 25th october  in Allahabad. The camp was organised in Kendriya vidayala,Jhalwa  with the cooperation from NGO, CHESHTHA  which helped us in availing all the facilities  and expert doctors. The camp was organised to provide free medical services to all the children of prayaas.  Dr Shashank Kharbanda examined as many as 117 children with the general check ups and the haemoglobin testing . Moreover Prayaas is also funding the medicines and other services to the children.

The camp was basically organised to fulfil the following purposes:
- To provide medical service and consultation.
- To provide quality medicines, vitamins, antibiotics, etc…;
- To increase awareness of basic hygiene and preventative
health care;
- To determine the percentage of most common health problems such as low haemoglobin and malnutrition and assess their most pressing medical needs

Whole hearted participaton was seen by the volunteers from students of IIIT A college. The cooperation of doctors , the enthusiasm of volunteers and children of prayaas eventually made the camp a huge success.

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.” We look forward for medical camps like this because healthy life is a prerequisite to a happy life .

Medical Camp in Bengaluru on 3rd October

A Medical Camp was organised by Prayaas on 3rd of October 2010. The Camp was organised in Shri Krishna Hostel in Uttarahalli, Bengaluru. YFS (Youth For Sewa), an NGO helped us in getting the doctors and facilities. The medical camp consisted of
  1. Dental checkup
      -By Dr. Sachin Sinha and Dr. Emol Sinha from Narain Oral and Dental Care
      -By Dr. Ujwala Jayaram
  2. General Medical Checkup
      -By Dr. Pritha Chitagi and and Dr. Rachita Ramamurthy 
  3. Haemoglobin Testing
      -By Vyjayanthi and Mrs. Sumathi
In a total 47 children (age group of 2 to 17 years) were screened in the medical camp. This effort was made possible by our volunteers Siddharth, Sindhu Prasanna, Sindhu N, Ankita, Vyjayanthi, Harsha, Anand.

The camp was a huge success with the efforts of the volunteers and the medical staff.  Below are the medical findings reported by the doctors:


Dental check-up:

Number of children screened : 47

Number of children that presented with No dental problems : 9

Number of children requiring treatment : 38

Dental Caries – 28 cases

Mobile /Retained tooth – 7 cases

Root Stump – 3 cases

Orthodontics Problem – 4 cases

It was noted that 32 children displayed poor oral hygiene. In addition to conducting the screening, Dr.Ujwala delivered a talk on Oral Hygiene, and the team from Narain Oral and Dental care distributed free toothpastes, brushes and Dettol to some children, to encourage them to maintain proper hygiene.

General Medical check-up:

Number of children screened : 47

Number of children requiring follow-up : 19

Paediatric referrals -7

Resolving scabies, on medication; regular follow-up – 6

Breathlessness, decreased breath sounds on examination – 1

Dermatology referrals – 4

Scabies with Skin ulcers – 3

Eczema – 1

E.N.T referrals – 1

Discharge from ear – 1

Ophthalmology referrals – 5

Blurred vision and/or frequent headaches – 5

Referrals for other specialties – 3

Cardiac – 1 (CVS- Pan-systolic murmur with Thrill)

Neurology – 1 (Epilepsy)

Orthopaedic – 1 (X-ray of right ankle required- history of fracture; pain/swelling persists)

Medication prescribed/given
De-worming tablets (Albendazole) were provided, to be given to all children (their caretaker was instructed accordingly by the Doctors).
Requisite tablets were given to 6 children:
Cold/cough – 5
External wound – 1 (Paracetamol + Antibiotic)

Hb testing findings :

Number of children screened : 47
Number of children indicated anaemic : 43 (91.5 %)
Hb level
Number of boys
Number of girls
Treatment required
12.5g and above
10.8g to 12.5g
Borderline Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
9.4g to 10.8g
Moderate Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
Below 9.4g
Severe Anaemia
Iron tablets to be given*
*Dosage varies, depending upon the degree of Iron deficiency/Anaemia

The medical camp was overall a huge success. We look forward to organising more such camps so more and more children can live a healthy and better life.